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Its the people …

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This is old news for most, but posting it here to point people at, when I hear another passionate  conversation about productivity and programming languages.

In 2000, Lutz Prechelt compared several programming languages in a reasonably rigorous experimental structure, and came to the conclusion that

In general, the differences between languages tend to be smaller than the typical differences due to different programmers within the same language.

Language Productivity

This is not to say that fundamental innovation in programming languages is not possible (think garbage collection). There is also not denying the fact that languages have substantial differences, in tooling, in the culture of their communities, certainly in people’s personal preferences, and in the sweet spots of their use cases. However, it is certain that most discussion on this topic is superficial, emotional rather than evidence based, and woefully ignorant of experimental results in this area.

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September 18th, 2009 at 11:50 pm