Here's where I will link all the talks and presentations I have given over the years, in the hope that they will be useful to someone somewhere. Use at your own risk!

OpenBSD @ Foss.IN/2006

OpenBSD in the wild - a personal journey

Watir @ Agile India 2006

Talk delivered at Agile India 2006, on May 5. Since I was under the influence of tons of paracetamol, the delivery, (and the demo), might have left much to be desired! Anyway, here is the presentation.

Bridging Java and Ruby

This session at FOSS.IN 2005 was about wrapping Java libraries using gcj and swig, thereby enabling their use from Ruby. It builds on my work on POI-Ruby.
As expected, the talk was highly technical. One had to at least appreciate (though not necessarily have detailed a-priory knowledge about) the internals of C, Java and Ruby. Therefore, it probably appealed to a very narrow audience. However, within that context, I was happy to see a few people appreciate the talk, going by some interesting discussions in the hallways.

Rails Tutorial @ Foss.IN

For the second year running, I did a Ruby on Rails session at FOSS.IN, the show previously known as Linux Bangalore. This years talk was even more hands on. We built a recipe application live, from scratch.

Ruby on Rails

A talk on Ruby on Rails at the Linux Bangalore/2004. A significant portion of my talk consisted of creating a simple Rails app from scratch, live. So the presentation, by itself, does not provide much... putting it up here for the record. If you want to learn more about Rails, please head over to its website at http://www.rubyonrails.org .
This presentation is significantly inspired by Curt Hibb's presentation on Rails over at the Why Ruby project.


Talk at Linux Bangalore/2004 on bridging Java and .NET using IKVM. Talking to the audience, inter-operating Java and .NET apps seems to be a widespread concern.

OpenBSD Firewall

This is a talk I did at Linux Bangalore/2003 on Creating and Managing a Secure Firewall using OpenBSD.

Cruise Control

A very old talk on Cruise Control that I presented to the Bangalore Agile User Group in May 2002. The talk was accompanied by a live demonstration of Cruise Control, so the textual material is limited. Further, the material here is quite dated, so the only value is probably historical.

Data Integration

This is a presentation I did on using Toplink during a seminar on data integration organised by the (late, unlamented) Webgain, in February 2002. A personal trip through data integration

Java Classloaders

This is an old presentation on Java Classloaders. Though the basics are still relevant, the examples are probably quite dated. Its surprising how many Java developers are blissfully ignorant of the details of classloaders

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